Date: April 11th 2013

Upcoming Events and Entertainment

April Spaeth will be here on April 26th and May 10th from 7 to 9pm entertaining on our baby grand piano.

Open Early Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, menu coming soon! Reservations encouraged.

All You Can Eat Create Your Own Pasta Bar is still happening! Thursdays through April.

Wine Pairing Dinner with Elliot Stern of Oakville East, Thursday, May 16. Seating will be limited, call for details.


This Weekend at Spanky’s Stone Hearth

Fresh Alaskan Halibut with Spanky’s Signature Old Bay Cream Sauce

Local Fare Menu Featuring Locally Farm-Raised Lamb Chops


Spanky’s Stone Hearth is open Wednesday to Sunday at 5 pm (Opening 7 days a week starting May 20), reservations always accepted. We offer “Destination Dining” catering. Please call us at 218-334-3555 or visit us at


Please forward this to Friends and Family.

Spanky's Stone Hearth
34785 County Hwy 4, Frazee, MN 56544

Call (218) 334-3555 for reservations!

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